We're Wired, again

One of our images of Saab's remote flight control tower can be found in Wired's printed, iPad and online magazine publication. Makes me proud!

Once again, it's the image of the gray-haired man sitting in the centre of a control room, looking at surrounding screens. It's one of my favorites, and also in our interior portfolio.

This is what the magazine cover looks like, if you'd like to pick it up. No, we've not done the nice image of Mr Cox though.

And the now maybe familiar original image – time to show some new one's here now. Here's the online Wired post. Thanks for reading!


Liquid Earth said...

Awesome, congratulations once again. By the way I think you would have done a way better image of Brian Cox :-)

Peter Karlsson said...


Good looking lightscapes and architectural images you've made, I think; very graphical, which I enjoy.

Cheers /Peter

Liquid Earth said...

Thanks Peter, glad you like them. Yes, I do lean towards a minimalist/graphical look...