Tentpole lightstands – examples spotted in the wild

Pictures from blog.intermayer.com

It's been lots of fun fun watching the idea of really light lightstands, made out of tent poles, grow and spreading. A couple of days ago I visited the marketing/communication department of a big Swedish university, and spotted three tentpole lightstands being built :-) The Youtube videos are close to 90 000 views.

It's also cooking on various DIY blogs out there, and the design is evolving. Take the Intermayer blog, for instance, with the adjustments in the pictures above. Much respect! It's in German, so maybe you'll want to translate it; here's a translated link in English.

If you've built some of these stands yourself, it would be fun to post some images of them here; please send me your creations! svarteld@gmail.com

The posts on this blog, with some more words:


uwe.mayer said...

BTW, the photos shown above are on my flickr site too, including english explanation.


Peter Karlsson said...

Good point Uwe, easier to see the details there.

Cheers /Peter