Popup Agency

We've had a popup event at Creactive this week, working with Mjärdevi Science Park's upcoming graphic corporate profile during two days, on site. We also brought a popup photography exhibition as a bonus :-)

We're in Wallpaper!

A long standing major Svarteld inspiration is the magazine Wallpaper, covering architecture, design, art and fashion. So it's a huge satisfaction to finally see our images in that very magazine!

The images shows the interiors of a new restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden – Torsgatan, in the Bonnier house. The venue sports art from the Bonnier museum collection, frequently appearing throughout the interiors.

Wallpaper is a major worldwide magazine covering architecture and design, with 100 000+ copies in circulation, 12 times/year. The issue out now is their 200th. The web article appears here.

This publication settles a second goal of publications in international magazines that's been inspiring to us, with the previous one being Wired. More of that one here.

Lamborghini Huracán

This is a Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo – the race track incarnation of the "usual" Huracán version, that's now winning everything in the Swedish GT series. Steered by Daniel Haglöf och Peter Poker Wallenberg for PWR Racing. Thanks to Joakim Åström for assistance.

Magazine design

Proud to show the new design of Combitech's magazine Combined! The publication was previously named OnTime; before-versions can be seen by Googling "Combitech OnTime". Some of our Gripen images not shown much before are inside the magazine.

Complete PDF here: combitech.se/combined

Sharp tools

Bending my chords, sharpen my knife – first job with new tools yesterday – two tripod exposures, 5Ds and TS-E easily results in 100 MP!

Another look at our STCC race car design

This is our graphic design of Emma Kimiläinen's race car in the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship, STCC. Looking closer, one can see hundreds of portraits of the main sponsor Combitechs consultants. Love the comments:

Without doubt the most beautiful car in this years STCC!
Will be the most good looking car in the races.
D*mn pretty, and stands out against all the other cars.
Best looking design in STCC!
This design is very magnificent!
Good design.
Looks fast even standing still.
Amazingly beautiful car.

Here's some details from our 3D drawings:

Team PWR Racing Team, Photo & 3D model Martin Öberg

STCC race car design

Our graphic design can be seen this weekend in Swedish TV, as Emma Kimiläinen's STCC racing car! Pink, magenta and covered in thousands of portraits – not how track cars normally look Smiley smile Good luck Emma!

International Bose campaign

I'm proud to say that Bose USA are using our images in an international advertising campaign! RoomMatch ads can now be seen in Australia, USA and Europe in magazines covering professional audio, such as CX99 Tech News, AV Asia Pacific, and Monitor.

Lots of swimming, biking and running

2011 has been full of sport related happenings for me, and I’d like to sum them up here, now it’s done and time to look forward! The chart above shows the maximum power during cycling through the year; red representing a short duration of 10 minutes, and gray 1 hour. The peak in early september is my pride and seasons best, during a tempo run of about 20 minutes, averaging 297 W, or 4.7 W/kg; felt great to finally come close to that figure!

But 2011 was about a lot more than that, good and bad. On my 40th birthday, October 2010, I got a pretty bold present from my relatives; a Swedish Classic. They’ve paid the entrance fees to four endurance races spread out during one year, covering 300 km road cycling, 3 km open water swimming, 30 km trail running, and 90 km cross country skiing. Together they’re called a Swedish Classic.

Not having done much endurance training at all until then, besides just starting out running and cycling, I had quite some challenge coming my way: I had to learn how to swim somewhat decently, preferably the front crawl, learn how to do cross country skiing, and get the ability to run and bike for extended periods of time.

I started training more endurance related stuff in november 2010, but during a snowboard trip to Switzerland in march 2011, I got a pretty bad cold but still continued to snowboard for almost two weeks. Coming home, feeling better, I started training too early, and got weird heart responses: I knew my heart pretty well from recent pulse training, but this was nothing but strange. I went through a longer rest period that erased most of my fitness, then a complete heart examination, scans, work load tests, etc. Luckily I was completely recovered, and got the go-ahead from the doctors to start training again. This was a couple of weeks before the first event; 300 km of road cycling around lake Vättern.

I finished the run in 10:08, with a chain threaded wrong through the rear derailleur, making the chain almost sawing through the metal; not too clever :-) I also made lots of food breaks everywhere I could find them.

Next up was 3 km open water swimming. I was, and am, a lousy swimmer, and couldn’t do the front crawl. So I took swim classes, managing to crawl for 25 m after that, before getting totally exhausted. That’s 2975 m left :-) Two weeks before the 3 km swim event, I could do about 200 m of front crawl in a pool; 2800 m short… I then began swimming every day in a lake near Stockholm, Norrviken, and during those last two weeks finally did 2000 m of almost continuous front crawl.

During the final 3 km swim event, I finished in 1:01 with a huge smile, using only the front crawl! Didn’t think I’d manage that. Some of the safety staff during the race obviously wasn’t so sure either…

Next up, running; not much to say here, but the fact that I trained way too little for being able to handle a 30 km cross country run. I started among the last ones, meaning the very slowest runners, forcing me to constantly try to pass people with no place left on the trail; I had to run on the side in deeper vegetation, or perpetually patting people on the shoulder to get them to move so I could pass.

After finishing in 2:30, my legs was so severely hurt that I could not walk straight for 2 weeks, and had to cancel and miss a larger photo shoot just because of that. Wise… 90 km of cross country skiing is what's left to train for this winter; we'll see about that, not much snow so far.

The chart above shows power (solid gray) and efficiency (black line) evolving during tempo/TT bike riding during 2011. Efficiency is here basically power divided by pulse reserve.

Some of the years highlights also included a 160 km road race around lake Siljan and Orsa, where me, my brother and a friend riding by our selves did the first half with an average of about 37 km/h, but then faded badly, totally exhausted :-) It was fun to pass people though, and then being passed again by the very same smiling people, with the expression “we knew you’ll die” :-)

Also, a week in Morzine, the french Alps, with two local riders and four Swedish guys, was great: all-mountain lift based riding, which I believe the french are calling “Enduro”. A great summer trip to Estonia with open-water swimming in the ocean every day, was also a nice break from work and bikes.

For 2012, I’ll be continuing the competition against my former self, and not against others. I’ll eat better food, mix sports to try to avoid injuries, and care about what’s important in life, not meaningless trivia. I’ve got hopes that a new club I’ve joined, NocOut, will make it even more fun to exersise; so far so good!

Another bike build

This is my road race bike. I don't race though, so maybe "road bike" then. It's been built last spring, and used this summer. The frame is not a road race frame though; it's a Scott Plasma CR1 Team Issue, small; an older one, a couple of generations back from the current one.

The reason I've used a TT/tri frame is that I like a steeper seat tube angle, which is hard to find on normal road racing frames. And with the current move towards more aero road frames, I figured it's not too bad thinking. Also, I like yellow. Good thing I don't compete...

These wheels are heavier and deeper than the light ones used last summer, making the bike without pedals weigh 6,3 kg. The new wheels are cheap no-names, getting the weight up to almost 7,2 kg, but I reckon they'll be more durable for everyday training.

Saddles are always ISM Adamo on my bikes, this one's no exception. Ugly, yes, but works for me. This one's gone back though, for a Podium model instead; longer and nicer, me thinks. The bike wears a complete Sram Red group, bought used for stupidly little money. I didn't find the yellow version of it cheap, otherwise that would've been.. well, even more yellow.

The gearing is for hills; 34-50, 11-28. Still high enough for my abilities, and as low as could ever be needed. Guess this one's really made for the Alps, considering weight and gearing, hope to take it there some summer. I've moved to a completely flat place in Sweden now though, so the gearing is a bit out of place.